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Legends tell us that there was a distinct difference between the swords created by the famous Japanese weapon smiths; Muramasa and Masamune.
When both swords are placed in water and a leaf floats towards it Muramasa swords are said to cleave the leaf in half, while Masamune's swords would let the leaf pass unscaved.

Today this legend is put to the test when a tiny leaf spirit is in danger and you, the guardian of the mountain needs to protect it with your arsenal of Muramasa and Masamune swords while the spirit floats down the mighty Niagara mountain.

We wish you well!

Created by:

Yoeri - Luos - Vleer: Lead concept, vfx artist, material artist, 3D artist
Panda Studios: Lead programmer, gameplay designer
Venci Nachev: Programmer, animatior
Jon Riley: 3D artist, light artist, material artist, level designer
Chris McGill: Sounds artist, texture artist, character artist, 3D artist

Special thanks: Baily Aldrich who provided the music, thank you very much!

NOTE to Epic Games: v1.1 is a build uploaded 15th Nov, which is overdue. Do not judge this version but judge the earlier version.

v1.1: Background music is now loud enough to hear it.


Niagara.zip 265 MB
Niagarav1.1.zip 265 MB


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This is a truly beautiful game! I like that the game isn't too hard, but isn't too easy! I don't know the legend but it seems pretty interesting!


Is this game safe to download?


Yes, it's safe to download.


okay, thanks for replying